Crystal Healing

The gentle transformative properties of each crystal may revitalise, calm or balance your body systems when you are feeling out of sorts. Each crystal transmits an individual energy which can naturally regenerate you physically and emotionally, bringing about peace and tranquillity. 


What is it? 

A natural form of healing, focusing the body’s energy fields and currents, by using Pyro Electrical force emanating from natural minerals to balance body & aura.1-4 Crystals have different unique frequencies and can convert potential differences by stimulating or relaxing.2,4 Synchronising chakras and their individual frequencies with specific crystals that relate to that energy centre can, it is believed, bring about balance within the related body system [See Chakras Page].2,5,6

Crown Cerebral Cortex Purple Pituitary
Brow Hypothalamus Indigo Pineal
Throat Cervical ganglia Light Blue Thyroid
Heart Cardiac plexus Green Thymus
Solar Plexus Solar Plexus Yellow Adrenals
Naval Sacral Plexus Orange Pancreas
Base Sacrococcygeal Red Gonads


Crystal Healing is safe and calming, is used for balancing chakras, and treats many body systems. It is useful in anxiety-related prochrystal 2blems, and opens the patient’s capacity for self-healing and resolving issues accumulating from a hectic lifestyle.1-4,6 -9 Crystals may help restore peaceful sleep patterns, boost immunity, aid concentration and energy.  Clinical evidence is limited, as very few quantitative studies have been undertaken.  However, qualitative research and anecdotal case studies have shown some favourable results.  Future studies could consider ‘Whole System Research’, using a variety of outcome measures and approaches that overcome the inadequacy of random control trials (RCT) to represent the holistic nature of CAM.


Treatment Time + Approach:

Crystal Healing lasts approximately 1 hour after consultation, it is non-invasive and the patient is fully clothed.7-9 The therapist will place crystals in a sequence of positions along chakras, and over areas of discomfort. The matrix of crystal molecules, which form their natural ordered lattice structure, is perfectly organised and resonates pure energy to the patient to correct imbalances in subtle energy fields. Crystal healing can be used alone or integrated into other treatment processes.10




Earth is structured from minerals and rocks that are ever changing. Archaeological studies reveal Stone Age man used crystals and, in the middle ages, gems were used for healing and protection against the plague, or to purify mind and body. Modern day crystals have been used in a variety of ways in our world, from quartz crystals in watches and microwaves, to ruby crystals which have been used in laser therapy. Different crystals are associated with different conditions as they resonate individual frequencies (see Chakras).11-13


Recognised Body + References:

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Energy Medicine (ACPEM) has a high reputation for honesty and openness, and aims to explore and improve the understanding of energy medicine. Developing clinical practice, efficacy, patient care and ourselves in a truly holistic way.

Affiliation of  Crystal Healing Organisations  (ACHO) maintains a Practitioner Register of qualified crystal healers trained to ACHO/CTC standards. Part of a nationally recognised representative body The Crystal Therapy Council (CTC), which is a member of the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies (GRCCT)  (



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