Massage Techniques

Effleurage:        ‘Stroke from the French word effleurer, usually in the direction of heart or lymph nodes, firm pressure upward and reduced pressure on return, slow gliding movement, that is, flowing and rhythmic

Uses:chhc webphoto 2938pub

Start, finish and spread oil evenly

Warm skin and produce an erythema

Improve lymphatic and venous drainage

Soothe, reassure and relax



Petrissage:        ‘Squeeze’ from the French word Petrir, deeper with more pressure, quicker rhythmic movements that manipulates the tissues, breaking-down tension and uplifting

  • Kneadingchhc webphoto 2939pub
  • Wringing          
  • Lifting/Picking Up       
  • Shampooing


Break down tension and stiffness

Mobilise subcutaneous tissue

Stimulate Lymphatic drainage in tissues and removal of toxins

Stimulate the supply of arterial blood in the muscles and other tissues



Frictions:          ‘Rub’ From the Latin word Fricare, varies from small finger and thumb circular movements, cross-fibre frictions working right angles across muscle, to flat handed rubbing movements, compress tissue against the bone


Produce a localised warming and ease hard bands of knotted muscle fibreschhc webphoto 2974

Soften, stretch and loosen tightness such as scar tissue or adhesions

Treat sports injuries over ligaments close to damaged areas

Releasing tension and & improve elasticity


Percussion:        ‘Strikefrom the Latin Percutere, invigorating brisk movements rapidly activate and stimulate tissue and nerves

  • Hacking
  • Cupping
  • Pounding
  • Beating

Tapotement Finger tips only, gentle for sensitive areas, raindrop like

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Creates Hyperaemia and improve skin tone

Increase overall circulation

Soften hard fatty tissue

Invigorates, stimulates and awakens


Vibrations:        Fine, fast tremor and vibrating movement which stimulate nerves and muscles


Uses:                                                                                                                                                                                                            chhc webphoto 2953pub

Stimulate and clear nerve path

Bring about relaxation

Loosen tightness and release tension

Motivates lymphatic drainage